What we cooked last week!

OK a QUICK rundown of what we ate last week!!

  • Monday: Simple Roast Chicken and veggies – I mentioned on insta that I spent the extra money for a roaster chicken from Trader Joe’s. Seriously – do it. You don’t know what you are missing! Currently testing out places for locally raised chickens, stay tuned for details. For cooking it, I do some EVOO, thyme and garlic rubbed all over before I cook it about 30-40 mins @ 450 and then 20-40 @ 400. Cooking time varies based on how defrosted it is and how big. 0404161739aDo yourself a favor and get a meat thermometer. It’s just way easier than guessing and since I’m spending more money on my meat, I want to get it right!! The veggies are whatever we have hanging around, generally onions, peppers, potatoes (regular and sweet), snow peas, mushrooms. Tossed in EVOO and seasoned however you like – I’ll post my favorite marinade next time we make it that way – but these were not fancy. I put them in for the last 30 mins of roasting the chicken. TA-DA.
  • Tuesday: Lunch salad – cucumber, tomato, cheddar cheese cubes, onion. I was able to make this and eat it before the child’s nap was over!!0405161227.jpg
  • Tuesday: Chicken stock!! Based off recipe from Against All Grain found here – this is super super easy, good for you and a great way to get the most for your money when you buy the good chicken! 0405162010aWhen it’s done I strain it through a cheesecloth and I freeze some in ice cube trays and some in jars for cooking with over the next few weeks.



  • Thursday: Quick banana muffins – here. Had banana lying around, have had this pinned forever. They were great as quick snacks and healthy!0406160730 Just don’t expect a fluffy muffin as without any flour they are a bit dense. Still very good though 🙂





  • Saturday: 0410161743a.jpgSausage and Peppers from Against All Grain’s “Meals Made Simple” cookbook. She serves it over sweet potato noodles, but we used brown rice pasta. It’s not on her site, but hit me up to borrow her book! We love it and this was a big winner with the husband.







Happy Cooking!!


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