Breakfast for dinner!

Breakfast for dinner is a husband favorite!! I have had this one pinned forever and now that I got myself a cast iron skillet for Christmas it seemed like a great time to test it out. Husband was skeptical of all my veggies BUT I used all the bacon the recipe called for to persuade him to give it a try! I’m not gonna say I was right, but there are no leftovers…. šŸ˜‰


While scarfing this down, he said “I’m trying to think of a way to make this better….maybe more bacon?”

So I’m counting this in the win column. I used yellow squash, red pepper, onion and a mix of sweet potato and regular white potato. Hubby cracked the eggs into their spots much better than I could have done, and we baked it for about 13/14 mins because we wanted our eggs cooked pretty well.

Normally EVERYTHING I make yields leftovers because I don’t cook every day, but this baby was a one-and-done. It’s totally one of the favorite things we’ve cooked lately and I know I will be doing it again and changing it up. Stay tuned…


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